Schedule of Groups

Most of our groups are now on Zoom; the Thursday morning Zen group has moved to Wednesdays (currently suspended), and the Open Group and Forest Sangha group have merged and are now meeting on Wednesdays at 730-930pm.

The LGBTQ+ and Awakened Heart Sangha are holding groups via Zoom, details below.

Wherever possible the venues (when we meet again in person) we use are wheelchair accessible, but please contact us before booking for a retreat or attending a group. Please also contact us if you have any other particular needs so that we can discuss ways of meeting them. Chairs are available at all of our venues. We welcome feedback on how we can be more inclusive as this is a core value for us.

Open Meditation Session

  • Now running on Zoom and moved to Wednesdays 730pm-930.
  • Last one for 2020 on 23rd Dec, no session 30th Dec and then continuing into 2021 from 6th Jan.
  • The format is usually: half an hour guided meditation, short break, half an hour unguided meditation, followed by an introduction to a Dharma theme and some sharing and discussion around that theme. The group will be usually led by Jiva or Malcolm, with once a month or so the group having a more Forest Sangha flavour. We are exploring the exciting possibility that the latter evenings will typically be led by one of the nuns from Chithurst/Amaravati or other teachers, supported by Corky and others. We're also open to other suggestions - this is the Open Group so not tied to any tradition.
  • Contact: Jiva 07717 718 385  or Malcolm 07891 606 298

Jiva Masheder

Forest Sangha Group

  • Has merged with the Open Group and restarted on Zoom on Wednesdays 730pm. Sessions will be led by Jiva, Malcolm, Corky and we will be inviting nuns from the Forest Sangha tradition to lead around once a month. See above for details.
  • Contact: Corky 07 427 627 563.

Corky Vale

LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer) Group

Currently running on Zoom, please get in touch for details. Last one for 2020 on 17th Dec, restarting 7th January

  • Every Thursday 5.30-7:00 pm. We meet at Anahata, 119-120 Edward St, downstairs in the Studio (buzzer 6) .A welcoming space in which to share meditation practice and explore teachings from different traditions
  • Contact: Sheila 07 789 861 367  email: lgbtbodhi@gmail
  • please get in touch for the Zoom link

Sheila Roche

Just Sitting

Currently suspended, run by Jake.

  • Every Wednesday morning at 730-820 am The ‘Just Sitting’ group is an early morning hour of stillness and silence as the city wakes up. The group is facilitated by Jake who is a lay zazen practitioner who welcomes those who wish to enjoy the community of sitting with others.There is no guidance or shared method. Each person sitting in their own practice, supported by the stillness and presence of others. This support is both simple and profound. We keep each other upright and focused, just by being there.Anyone is welcome - from any tradition, any religion or no religion. Please arrive between 7:15 and 7:25. Doors will close at 7:28. We meet at New Rd Psychotherapy Centre at 28 New Rd BN1 1UG, above Leaders.If you have any questions, please contact Jake: jakesubtropicsmith at  07963176760

Jake Smith

Awakened Heart Meditation Group

Currently online.

On-line Drop in Sessions (most alternate Saturdays 11:00 to 12:00 on line)

Please email Sherab (Ian) at for dates and  if you'd like to be added to the group's mailing list,

Opening meditation (10 mins)
Brief checking in
Meditation (usually Formless Meditation) (30 mins)
Dedication and close


inning on January 9th, we are launching "Exploring Formless Meditation",  a course of five fortnightly Saturday morning Zoom sessions introducing and deepening  Formless Meditation. To find out more about these sessions and to enrol, please email

Our practice is mostly Formless Meditation as taught by Lama Shenpen Hookham. We also do Apramanas (Brahma Vihara) meditation, including metta bhavana practice.  If you're not familiar with these practices, please come along and we'll arrange a familiarisation session with you.

We offer meditation teaching and exploration of how meditation and awareness can manifest in our everyday life. This group explores themes from Lama Shenpen's teaching to the Awakened Heart Sangha, 'Living the Awakened Heart'  You can find out more at:

The group is led by Ian Mackenzie (Sherab Dorjay), one of Lama Shenpen's senior students. Please contact Ian on to find out more about the group and the themes it explores.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


Sherab Dorjay