Expired‘Waking Up in This Life’- Day Retreat with Vince Cullen

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  • 13th July 2019
    9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Waking up to this Life… it’s not a rehearsal.
“Waking up to who you are
requires letting go
of who you imagine yourself to be.”
~ Alan Watts ~

Everyone on the Buddhist path is struggling with the 3 fires… the fire of cravings, the fire aversions and the fire of confusions… EVERYONE! The Buddha’s very sound advice to everyone is that we should try to extinguish these fires, don’t add any more fuel to them; to put them out and never relight them. Easier said than done!

Everyone on the Buddhist path is waking up – or in recovery – from greed, from hatred and from delusion; these are the inherent pre-conditions, biases and distortions of all human beings. For some individuals these factors manifest in our lives – to a greater or lesser degree – as particular cravings or aversions, or as a sense of incompleteness and disquiet; and always these mind-states are accompanied by an awful lot of confusion!

This retreat will be a day of talks, sitting practice and (weather permitting) walking practice devoted to recovery in the Buddhist sense of ‘Waking Up’.

We will practice some silent meditation; The essential practices of Loving-kindness and Forgiveness – for healing the heart-mind in everyday life – will be central to the day’s practice.

Vince Cullen is an ex-alcoholic who has been associated with the Wat Thamkrabok monastery in Thailand and Buddhist-oriented drug and alcohol recovery since 1998.

Vince has facilitated Fifth Precept Sangha meditation-for-recovery Sit-and-Share meetings in England, Scotland, Ireland, India, Nepal and Thailand as part of his ongoing teaching of Hungry Ghost Retreats.

He is a charter member of the Buddhist Recovery Network.

Further information at: Hungry Ghosts and Fifth Precept Sangha


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